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Much like okonomiyaki, there isn't just one way to make elotes - which is why we decided to make Okonomilotes! This Japanese/Mexican fusion blends the rich flavors of crema and cotija cheese with the sweet and smoky taste of bonito flakes and okonomi sauce. Buen provecho!

Cook Time
30 min


How to make it


Shuck six ears of corn, leaving as much of the stem as possible to use as a handle. Don't worry if your corn doesn't have a stem - your prep will just be a bit messier!


Heat your grill pan over medium heat. We set our teppan to medium-high heat since it's a flat surface.


While your grill pan is heating, crumble your cotija onto a plate. Combine Japanese mayo, crema, the juice of one lime and Mexican seasoning mix into a bowl and stir until blended and set aside.


Grill your corn until cooked as desired, turning every 2-3 minutes or so. The corn should turn a warm yellow and have grill marks. Set aside and let cool.


Once the corn has cooled, take a pastry brush and brush the mayonnaise mixture onto the corn. Sprinkle cotija cheese over the corn, rotating to cover all sides.


Use a squeeze bottle to drizzle mayo back and forth over your corn, rotating to cover all sides. Do the same with the Otafuku Original Sauce.


Sprinkle aonori flakes on top of the elote, and then top with bonito flakes. If desired, you can sprinkle on other toppings, such as shrimp flakes, ground-up Hot Cheetos, or chili powder. Serve with cut lime halves.

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