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Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

* You may garnish with Aonori (seaweed flakes), Japanese mayonnaise, or dried fish flakes if you prefer!

Cook Time
20 min


Batter Directions


Put the water and egg into a large bowl and mix well.


Add flour and mix until all flour is dissolved.


The batter should be thin enough to drizzle off the ladle.

How to make it


Preheat a hot plate to 350F. When you pour the batter on the electric grill, move the ladle in a circular motion around the center 5 times. Continue to spread the batter thin as you make your circle (the circle should be about the size of your outstretched palm).


Raise the hot plate’s temperature to 400F. Layer the shredded cabbage, tempura crisps, chopped green onions, and bean sprouts on top.


Next, put three strips of sliced pork belly side by side atop the cabbage so that they slightly overlap, covering as much of the cabbage as possible. Then drizzle a small amount of batter on top.


When the bottom of the crepe has cooked to a light golden brown, flip it over quickly (pork side down) using two spatulas. The trick for flipping is not to hesitate and flip inwards towards you. Once you have flipped it, use your spatulas to gently push the ingredients into a round, circular shape.


As the pork is cooking (step 4), loosen your cooked yakisoba noodles with your two spatulas (add a bit of canola oil to give them a nice crispy texture). Once the noodles are well cooked, lower the hot plate temperature to 350F again. (Option: you may add some Otafuku Yakisoba Sauce to the noodles for extra flavor!)


Spread the noodles into a circular shape as in step 4. Place the crepe and filling from step 4 on top of the noodles.


Drop an egg onto the hot plate next to the other portion and fan it into a circular shape.


Put the crepe, filling, and noodles (from step 6) on top of the egg and use both spatulas to press the mixture down onto the eggs. Flip it over again so that the egg portion is on top.


Top generously with Otafuku Okonomi Sauce and serve hot!

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