Classic Hiroshima Style Okonomiyaki

Makes 1 serving

Cook Time
30 min


To prepare batter


Combine batter ingredients in a bowl and mix until all clumps are gone. Sauce consistency should be thin enough to drizzle out of the ladle. (Note: you can refrigerate the batter for an hour to allow the clumps to dissolve so that the crepe portion of the Okonomiyaki is smoother).


** [To prepare cabbage] Cut cabbage into as thin, even strips as you possibly can. You can tell a good cabbage by its weight. A heavy cabbage has a lot of moisture and is better for Okonomiyaki.

How to make it


Preheat an electric griddle to 350F. Pour the batter onto the griddle and use the bottom of your ladle to press the batter down, then slowly move the ladle in a circular motion about 5 times or to form a crepe. The crepe should be about the size of your hand when outstretched. Once the crepe turns golden brown on the bottom, you are ready to add the vegetables.


Increase heat to 425F. Pile cabbage on top of the crepe then put the tempura crisps (about a handful), chopped green onions, and bean sprouts on top. Don't let the size intimidate you; it will cook down later.


Lay three slices of Pork Belly (or Bacon if you prefer) on top of the cabbage so that they overlap and drizzle a bit of batter on top if you have any left.


Now comes the fun part! Once steam starts to emerge from the cabbage (evidence that the heat is passing through and cooking the cabbage) and the bottom turns a light golden brown, flip it over quickly so that the pork side faces down. Cook for a few more minutes until the cabbage has cooked through.


Meanwhile, loosen your boiled stir-fry noodles (Yakisoba Noodles work best) and add a bit of canola oil while they are cooking to get them a little bit crispy. Once they are cooked, arrange them into a circle about the same size as the crepe. Lower the heat to about 350F and pile the cabbage / crepe portion on top of the noodles with your spatulas. (Note: always flip towards you, using both spatulas)


Drop an egg onto the hot plate next to the crepe portion and spread it into a circle (same size as the crepe).


Lift the crepe portion with both spatulas, place it on top of the egg portion, then press down with both spatulas so that the crepe portion will stick to the egg.


You are almost done! Use the spatulas once last time to flip the okonomiyaki over (egg side up), then coat generously with Otafuku Original Sauce. You can use as much sauce as you like!


To add garnish, you can use Japanese mayonnaise and Aonori Seaweed Flakes. Serve hot!


Note: Native Hiroshima residents always eat their Okonomiyaki directly from the hot plate with little mini spatulas. If you are ever in Hiroshima and eat your Okonomiyaki this way, you will definitely blend in with the locals!

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